ChandraTaal to Samudri Taapu Trek

Trek From ChandraTaal Lake to Samudri Taapu
This trek is short, from Samudri Taapu from Chandra Taal. This trek is ranked as a medium category, at an altitude of 4300m. This is tough terrain. Samudri Taapu is one of the many origins of Chandra River as it flows through Spiti valley as it meets the Chenab. It is very good for people wanting to explore trekking and camping and a test for their skills.
Trek Includes:
TRANSPORT : Trek on foot.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,  Mountain climbing,  Bird watching,  Meditation, Volunteer activities (Optional)
MEALS: By choice
COST: INR 6000 (US $ 100 ) onward (At 1 US $ = INR 60)

DAY1:  Lake to Glacier Trek
We walk from Chandra Taal to trek along the Chandra River. The terrain is rocky and unstable and also has some streams and ridges. You will only find a few Gaddi shepherds. We then walk for about 5 hours and reach the origin of the Chandra River and stop here for lunch, in the lap of nature. We rest, awhile and cross the plateau, for setting up our camp. Exploration of the area can be done, before we retire for the day in our tents.
DAY 2: Trekking Back.
Returning in the same way or taking a short cut is your choice. The short cut is not very safe and not suggested alone, and also with a heavy backpack. Then we climb up a dry waterfall, active during the rains only and walk for one hour approximately to reach the campsite. Further you can explore the area if you want.

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Single Day Rishikesh Tour On A Bike

Rishikesh Bike Tour
If you are biker and love bike rides, this trip is most suited to you. This tour incorporates all the four different parts of Rishikesh and you also have the choice of having adventure sports such as bungee jumping or rafting. If you are not into adventure sports you may also spend time quietly relaxing on the bed of the holy river Ganga. We can accommodate cars instead of bikes if you prefer.
 Tour Package Includes
TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver, bike or foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Not applicable.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to medium.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking,  Bird watching,  Meditation, Hiking,  sightseeing, bike rides;
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch,
COST: From INR 2500 onwards ( US $ 41)

Travel Schedule:
We begin by going to the Kunjapuri temple at an altitude of 1600 m after sun rise and then have a good breakfast in one of the fine restaurants at Ram Jhula.
We then ride our bikes to Vashishta cave, a quaint little cave on the Ganges, very serene and beautiful. We sink in the sights as we relax here. Our next ride is to Neer Gadu or Gadu Chatti waterfall as we bask in the glory of the wondrous surroundings.We now have two choices :
1) Visit to the Neelkanth Mahadev temple and return to Rishikesh
2) Enjoy some adventure sports like bungee jumping, zip lining, or giant swing. If time permits, we can also go for kayaking or river rafting.

Price of the tour will vary according to the option chosen.

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Hamta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake Trek

Hamta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake Trek (7 Days)
This trekking route will take you through wide varieties of terrain as we pass from Hampta Pass in Kullu valley to Chandra Taal Lake in Spiti.  The trekkers cross different terrain like green pine forests, glaciers, deep valleys, open meadows and high altitude deserts.  This trek should be attempted by people already familiar with at least basic trekking.
Trek Services:
TRANSPORT: On foot, in private car or SUV with driver.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Medium to Expert.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping, Mountain climbing,  Bird watching,  Hiking
DURATION: 7 days
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
COST: Variable
Trekking Schedule
Day 1.  Drive to Manali – Jobra – Chika
The first day begins by going to Jobra in a car. Jobra village is a small, quaint settlement at an altitude of 3200 m .It has green pine trees, forests, around the area. Rest done in the village, we sometimes partake some tea. Afterwards we trek in the forest and reach a meadow. From the meadow we go along side Rani Nala, which is a little rivulet which passes through it. Reaching Chika in the evening, we end the trek for today. We then set up our camp and prepare ourselves for the night.
Day 2. Chika – Jwara – Balu Ka Gera trek
After partaking of breakfast, we need to get our things from the camp site, pack up and walk along the little rivulet or stream. After walking awhile besides it, we will have to cross the stream. This is not a very tough task and we can easily accomplish it. We might not even get wet. The Dhauladhar range is seen from here. We see this mountain range for the first time in this trek. Walking from this point on, we keep to gain more and […]

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Har Ki Dun Trekking

Har Ki Dun Trek
Har ki dun, the valley of Gods is below the Fateh Parvat and is a very scenic valley in the midst of the Himalayan beauty, of Gharwal. The route most popular with the trekkers is via Govind National Park. We take this route and come across a lot of insects and lovely chirping birds, flowers and animals like the musk deer, wild goats and so on. You will also see glaciers and mountain streams, forests in the Alps and rolling Meadows. The trek being easy you can get the thrill of observing the beautiful and majestic mountains. Anyone in relatively good health can attempt this trek as it is easy.
Tour Details:
TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver, and foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Camps, guesthouse.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to medium.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking,  Bird watching,  Meditation, Hiking,  sightseeing, bird watching, wildlife spotting, camping
DURATION: 7 to 9 Days
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch,
COST: From INR 1200 onwards ( US $ 200)
Trek Schedule
DAY 1: Arrive at Sankri
From Rishikesh we reach Sankri, our destination in 5 hours and from Dehradun we reach there in 7 hours. Sankri is located at an altitude of 2000m. We reach there in the evening and relax for the day. We explore our natural surroundings and look at the lovely snow covered Himalayas. We stay in the camp for the night. The option of staying in the guest house is also available.
DAY 2: Sankri to Seema – Taluka
A hot cup of tea in the cold morning is exactly what you need, along with your breakfast. We, then start the trek as we walk to a small hamlet called Taluka, 12 kms away. IT would take around 4 hours and we partake of our lunch there, then we have some rest to relax our tired legs and again […]

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Mcleodganj to Triund Treks

Mcleodganj to Triund Treks
These are some of the easiest treks in this region and so a great choice for beginners as they gradually acquaint themselves to mountains. Experts  also have fun dong this trek due to its magnificent views of the Dhauladhar mountain range. The altitude is low and the trek is simple make it accessible for anyone.
 Travel package Services
ACCOMMODATION: Guest houses & campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Hiking,  Mountain climbing,  Bird watching, Meditation
DURATION: 1 to 3 Days
MEALS: Packed lunch, juice, fruits.
COST: INR 1500 ( US $ 21) to INR 4800 (US $ 80) per guest

DAY 1: McLeodganj -Triund and back
(Altitude 2975 m, Distance 9 Km)
. The Triund ridge has an exceptional view of the Kangra valley below as it is majestically surrounded by the mountains of the Dhauladhar range. We will typically begin the trekking from Dharmkot. As we walk through wonderful forests of rhododeron we can recognize rhododeron, devdar and many other trees. We will also spot plenty of beautiful butterflies and tiny ladybugs. After lunch and rest, and visit to a small temple we get rejuvenated.
.We walk back to Mcleodganj following the same trail or we may also go through Bhagsung to view a picturesque waterfall and return to Mcleodganj.
This 2 day trek will involve night stay on the Triund ridge in camp on 1st day. Instead of coming back, we’ll explore the triund ridge, visit a small temple up the trail and rest while enjoying the views.
DAY 2: Back to home.
We enjoy the early morning sunrise and have a hot breakfast. We then go back to Mcleodganj on foot. Alternatively, we can go to Bhagsung and enjoy the sights of the waterfall, and then from there we can go […]

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Uttarakhand pilgrimage treks

Pilgrimage treks in Uttarakhand
Tour Package Services:

TRANSPORT: Trek on foot and car for long distance, Bus,Train or Air.
ACCOMMODATION: Campsites, small guesthouses, hotels.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,  Mountain climbing,  Bird watching,  Meditation, Hiking, Yoga, Pilgrimage
DURATION: Variable
MEALS: Variable
COST: Variable

Having many pious and religious sites of the Hindus, this place is densely visited by Hindus from all over the world. Some of the more common ones are Kedarnath, Badrinath and Joshimath. But this place has many more pilgrimage sites to explore. Some of them are not very accessible and some of them are open only during certain months in a year. We can also visit Gangotri, the glacier for holy river Ganga and Yamunotri, the glacier for the holy river Yamuna. Many pilgrims carry the waters of these glaciers to be used during religious rituals.

Many tourists visit these places to watch the natural scenic beauty, and not just for their spiritual pursuits. Some of the destinations are visited by tens of thousands of pilgrims during the time they are open.

We arrange treks to many such sites in Uttarakhand for guests all over the world. Some guests wish to visit these places in company of pilgrims while others like to do it when there are few pilgrims. We respect both types of demands and help them explore the nature as well as the spiritual aspect of Himalayas as they wish. There are no set plans or tour packages and each tour is customized to meet the needs of guests, time period and local conditions like amount of rush, weather etc.

Contact us via contact form on the right or email to learn more.

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Rishikesh Yoga Tour

Rishikesh Yoga Tour
Situated on the banks of the river Ganga, Rishiskesh is one of the chosen destinations for tourists all over the world. Here you get to do a variety of activities like high energy river fating and kayaking, to adventurous hiking , trekking or camping or to go for the deeper meditation and yoga. The river Ganga marks its entry into Rishikesh from the northern terrain of India, The following spiritual schedule is meant for spiritual aspirants, but is only a sample and can be modified to suit you.
Travel package services:
TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver, bike, bus or foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Hotel, Guest house, Ashram.
ACTIVITIES: Yoga,  Meditation, Hiking,  sightseeing, Bird watching, bike rides;
MEALS: Breakfast, dinner.
COST: From INR 25000 onwards ( US $ 416)

Tour Itinerary
DAY 1: Your first day in Rishikesh
Leaving Delhi by car or bus, we enter Rishikesh via a 5 to 6 hour journey. We have a lunch or dinner, as suited into our hotels, and spend the day in sightseeing.
DAY 2: Basics of Yoga
We begin today with an early morning yoga session that explains to you the basic underlying principles, benefits and the requirements of the science of yoga. This small training session will also help you to learn a few basic yoga postures meant for beginners. The yoga instructor will help you to learn them. We rest a little, take a light lunch and spend the rest of the day sight seeing in the city of Rishikesh. We can also opt to visit the Ram Jhula and the Laxman Jhula, two suspension bridges, an hour’s drive from Rishikesh. Alternatively, you may opt to do some sight seeing or rest at the hotel.
DAY3:  Yoga and breathing
Today is dedicated to learning the various […]

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Trekking to Roop Kund

Trekking to Roop Kund ( 6 Days)
A small remote lake in the deeper parts of the Himalayas is Roopkund. This has gained popularity after a heap of remains of people was found here. The theories are many. It could be that the people were pilgrims, lost their way and were destroyed by storm, or it is also possible according to some that they were a part of the team of Zoravar Singh of Jammu and were on their return journey from Tibet, after a raid. Whatever may be the reason, the lake is very pretty, on 5000m altitude and in the mountainous feature called Trishul in Gharwal in Uttarakhand. You will pass through amazing greenlands and forests and will encounter many small mountain streams. Thought not mandatory, some previous trekking experience might help. This trek is relatively easy, and you might also encounter some snow.

Tour Services:
TRANSPORT: On foot, car or SUV with driver.
ACCOMMODATION:  guest houses, home stays & campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Medium to Expert. Prior experience in trekking desirable.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,   Mountain climbing,  Bird watching, Motorcycle rides, Hiking, Meditation (Optional)
DURATION: 6 to 7 Days
MEALS: By choice
COST: From INR 20000 ( US $ 333) onwards ( 1 US $ = INR 60)

DAY 1:  Drive from Rishikesh to Mundoli
As we take a car, and drive to Mundoli, we will pass destinations like Rudraparayag, Devprayag, and some other little villages. It is an 8-10 hour drive, with a few halts for lunch, etc. At night we stay in camping in Mundoli.
DAY2 :  Drive from Mundoli to Bedni Bugyal via Wan
Early next morning we begin our drive to Wan (10 km) and this is the place where the real trek, begins, We take our gear form the cat , and take the trail to Bedni Bugyal ( […]

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Shimla Spiti Manali Holiday Tour Package

Shimla Spiti Manali Holiday Tour Package
A vacation through Shimla, Spiti and Manali is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul tired by noise and pollution of the cities. This tour package eases you in to lap of nature through picturesque town of Shimla in to wilderness of Spiti and back to city life through relaxing ambiance of Manali.  This tour will help you enjoy the rugged natural beauty of Spiti as well as the old world charms of Shimla and Manali in the easiest possible way.
 Travel Package Services :
TRANSPORT: In private or shared car or SUV with driver.
ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, home stays & campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,   Mountain climbing, Jungle safari, Bird watching, Motorcycle rides, Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga,  Volunteer activities (Optional)
MEALS: By choice
Trip Itinerary
Day 1 Shimla Sightseeing
Day 1 will invlove sightseeing in Shimla as we explore the erstwhile winter capital of India. We’ll visit attractions such as Jakhoo Hill, Mall Road, Lakkad Bazar, Chadwick waterfalls and a few others depending upon time of day and weather.

DAY 2 Shimla – Sarhan drive
After having breakfast, we commence our journey from Shimla to Sarhan. We cross the Wangtu Bridge, as we progress and reach Sarhan by evening. An early arrival may give us the opportunity to view the Sarhan Bird Sanctuary and Bhim Kali temple.
DAY 3 and 4 Sarhan – Sangla drive
Two days in Sangla to sink in the grandeur of nature, as we view apple orchards, nature trails and enjoy the simple way villagers live. A number of small river streams and the picturesque riverside will mesmerize you in this patch of land. We also need this stay for acclimatizing ourselves for Spiti valley and its high […]

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Spiritual Journey in Lahaul Spiti

Spiritual Journey in Lahaul Spiti
Come to one of the most sought after spiritual destinations available- Lahaul- Spiti in the Himachal Pradesh. Famous for its journeys of meditation and self discovery, this region is full of monks and sages coming here since thousands of years ago, from all over, especially from Tibet. Known for its scenic beauty, here are lots of monasteries and age-old sites and caves for meditation.
Travel Services

TRANSPORT: In private or shared car or SUV with driver, trek on foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Home stays, hotels, guest houses, Campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES:  Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga, Volunteer activities (Optional)
DURATION: Variable
MEALS: By choice
COST: Variable

Along with the solitude this place offers and the magnificent views, it is also very easy to travel here and the living conditions are favourable. Housing the oldest monasteries in the world, with ancient manuscripts, artifacts, and monks, with generations behind them, Lahaul-Spiti is a must visit for any spiritual traveler’s typical spiritual trip can include visit to the monasteries, classes on Tibetan Buddhism, Meditation and Yoga in these serene surroundings. An unbeatable experience is meditation in one of the age old caves.

Here, for the spiritual traveler, we have a wide array of choices and we can adjust the duration of your trip accordingly. You may want to learn about Tibetan Buddhism from the monks, or have Yoga or meditation classes or live in the home of a local. We can also arrange visit to the monasteries and visits to holy places.

Feel free to fill up our form for more information. You can also email us at

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