Gulab Jamun Recipe

In India Gulab Jamun is considered to be a traditional dessert. This is most popularly served during occasion, festivals and while celebrating rituals. It can also be simply taken to curb sweet tooth cravings.

Things required for preparation:-

  • Sugar (2.5 cups).
  • Water (6 cups).
  • Cardamom Powder (1 tsps).
  • Rose water (2 tsps).
  • Thickened Milk (3 cups).
  • Semolina ( 1 tsp).
  • Oil (for frying).
  • Self raising flour- 1.5 cups.
  • Milk powder (3 cups).


  1. In a medium sized container, add milk powder, flour, semolina mix them well and then knead them well with thickened cream. With this mixture prepare a soft dough.
  1. From the prepared dough, make small rounds
  1. On low heat, deep fry the small rounds
  1. In the other container, prepare a fresh batch of sugar syrup .
  1. Now add the fried small balls in the sugar syrup
  1. Serve them hot