Indian Food Tours provides custom India travel packages which include food tours, adventure travel, sightseeing and much more to tourists from all over world. Our travel packages come with maximum customizations at the lowest costs to suit every guest. Instead of selling ready made travel packages, we encourage our guests to design their own travel packages of India. It ensures that all of our guests get the most of their journey to India at lowest possible prices. Some of our more popular travel packages are: Lotus Temple. Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, India travel packages

1) Culinary tours of India

Indian food tours  in New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa and Jodhpur from Rs 3600 .
Cooking classes, Kitchen tours, Meet the Chef tours which can be included in food tours from as low as Rs 1000

2) Delhi Agra Jaipur Travel Packages

Delhi, Agra & Jaipur Golden Triangle travel packages from USD 1000 per person.
Delhi Agra and Delhi – Jaipur travel packages from USD 300.
Single day city tours of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra from USD 50.

3) Heritage Travel Packages

Heritage travel packages of Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Karnatka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh from USD 1500Taj Mahal Agra. India travel packages

4) Holiday Travel Packages

Holiday travel packages in Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and many other places all over India from USD 1500.

Designing custom travel packages of India

Designing any type of travel package according to wishes of guest  with us is much easier than it seems. Here are all the steps:

  1. Guests contact us with a list of places they want to visit, budget, duration of tour, type of food they like and other travel facilities they want.
  2. We make one or more tentative travel itineraries for them and send for consideration.
  3. Guests choose or make changes to the itinerary they like the most and let us know.
  4. We finalize the chosen travel plan and make arrangements.
    Guests arrive and start their tour of India

Facilities provided in all India travel packages

All of our India travel packages include the following travel related services for all of our guests :

  •  Transport via air-conditioned vehicles or by trains, planes or bus if needed.
  •   Tasty, safe and hygienic food everywhere. Custom Indian food tours  in select cities.
  •   Stays in clean and comfortable hotels, guest-houses, home-stays and camps.
  •   Guides with good communication skills.
  •   Basic amenities like bottled water, sanitizer, wipes and more provided at no extra cost.

We provide custom travel packages to tourists who have only a few hours to months to explore India. You can count on us to provide you with a travel package that will help you explore parts of a city in a few hours, 2-3 places in as many days or help you stay for extended periods stretching up to months or even years. Our guests are not obligated to avail all of above mentioned services from us. As all of our travel packages are customized by guests themselves, they can pick and choose exactly what service they want from us and what they can find from somewhere else. Thus a guest can choose us to arrange just for transport while get accommodation themselves.This is just an example and the customizations don’t just end there.

Contact us to design your own custom travel package of India

Interested in designing your own custom travel package to India with us, want to ask for directions or need more information before making up your mind ? Mail at or use this Indian Food Tours contact page form. Call: +919810645418 or +918802105459 . We’ll be happy to be of any help.

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